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Altas Frecuencias Group Pioneering Holistic Transformation and Personal Well-being

Since its establishment in 2021, "Altas Frecuencias Group" has emerged as a guiding light for well-being and equilibrium in the realm of holistic health. Operating under the registered entity Design Frequencies LLC, our brand has carved a unique niche in our community, exceeding conventional expectations to promote personal well-being. Committed to guiding, mentoring, and enhancing the quality of life, our community focuses on utilizing holistic tools and fostering self-awareness.

Our mission is to cultivate a conscious approach to the strengths and skills of our clients, facilitating growth and healing through various coaching and therapeutic modalities, including Musical Sonica Ceutical.

These resonances play a pivotal role in managing emotions, thoughts, and behaviors while addressing inflammations or physical pains, providing individuals with a holistic experience and a sanctuary for those seeking serenity amidst the complexities of modern life. Altas Frecuencias Group was born with the explicit goal of offering a transformative experience that delves beyond symptoms, addressing the roots of personal challenges through holistic therapeutic practices. We proudly collaborate with diverse professionals dedicated to innovative approaches to personal well-being.

Core Values
At the heart of "Altas Frecuencias Group" lies a set of core values: authenticity, empathy, responsibility, and respect. We endeavor to create a nurturing space where individuals feel supported on their journey toward serenity and personal transformation.

Services Offered
Specializing in a comprehensive range of holistic services, Altas Frecuencias Group provides personalized coaching sessions and transformative sound and healing vibration therapies. Our approach ensures that each client receives tailored attention, acknowledging that their experience is entirely individual, with unique needs and symptoms.

Industry Impact
Altas Frecuencias Group's impact on the wellness industry in South Florida is notable for its distinctive and effective approach. The introduction of sound and vibration therapies has marked a significant milestone, offering clients a therapeutic experience that transcends the ordinary. Driven by the unwavering commitment to research and innovation by Dr. Steven Schwartz, aka Dr. Vibe, the visionary CEO of BioHarmonic Technologies and creator/co-founder of our vibration and sound tool, Altas Frecuencias Group continues to lead pioneering advances in the field.

Ultimate Vision
The ultimate vision of A. F. G. is to equip individuals with the tools needed to expand their consciousness and embrace a new way of seeing and experiencing life. Our goal is for each client to rediscover themselves, elevate their frequencies, and navigate their journeys with love and internal wisdom. Altas Frecuencias Group transcends being merely a holistic company; it stands as a beacon of personal transformation, leaving a positive imprint on the wellness industry.



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