Ho'oponopono and Me!

Ho'oponopono and Me!

What?…. what is Ho’oponopono? .... yes, it's true! The word is complicated!!, I confess that at first it was difficult for me to pronounce it, but it caught my attention, so I inquired about it, and I am going to tell you a little about what I have learned.


Ho'oponopono is a millenary technique of Hawaiian origin, which focuses on the process of recognition, repentance, and forgiveness, allowing a cleansing of negative feelings and thoughts in the human mind, through the repetition of mantras. These mantras are codes that unlock memories in the subconscious and then correct them on the physical plane.


Ho'oponopono means "to cause things to move back in balance" or " to make things right."

 Ho'Oponopono and Me!

The word Hawaiian technically translates "to get things back on balance" or "get things right." This teaching was discovered by a Hawaiian “Kahuna” (leader/shaman) called Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, the ancient Hawaiians had an effective way of solving problems and restoring harmony in their families, with this Ho'oponopono technique, Morrnah updated the teaching for current use and made it available to all concerned. Morrnah thought that this process of healing and rectifying the problem is between you and your inner Divinity. Only the Divine, creator of all the original rhythms and planes, can truly and effectively erase the cause of the problems that are trapped in our memory bank of our present life, and even in past lives and ancestors.


Later, one of Mornah's students, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, was the one who made the teaching known with his great story, I'll tell you a little bit: It all started when he healed an entire ward of criminal and mentally unbalanced patients without even seeing any of them!! Incredible, right? Later, many came to Ho'oponopono through this text by Dr. Joe Vitale, a famous writer recognized in the United States. Joseph Vitale is a spiritual teacher best known for his appearance in the movie "The Secret" and author of "The Attractor Factor", for those who do not know him, I’ve integrated a few lines of his tale "When I Found Ho'oponopono".

 Ho'Oponopono and Me!

Text by Joe Vitale;

“Two years ago, I heard about a therapist, in Hawaii, who healed a ward

full of mentally unbalanced criminal patients without even seeing any

from them. The psychologist studied the prisoners’ file and immediately looked within in order to see how he had created that person's illness. As he improved, the patient also improved.


The first time I heard that story, I thought it was some urban legend. How could someone heal another, just by healing himself? How could he, even the most powerful self-healing teacher, heal someone criminally deranged?


It didn't make any sense, it wasn't logical, so I dismissed that story.


However, I listened to it again a year later. I learned that the therapist had used a Hawaiian healing process called "Ho'oponopono." I had never heard of him, yet I couldn't get it off my mind. If the story was really true, I had to know more about him. I always knew that full responsibility meant that I am responsible for what I think and do. Anything beyond that is out of my hands. I think most people think the same about responsibility.

Ho'Oponopono and Me!

We are responsible for what we do and not for what others do. The Hawaiian therapist who cured these mentally ill people would teach me a new and advanced perspective on what total responsibility is. His name is Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len”. 




Really amazing right? I must confess that even though I come from a broad-minded upbringing surrounded by metaphysicians, I also did not believe what you are reading now. I imagine you are wondering who am I? And what does this Ho'oponopono technique have to do with me?


To begin, I am not a coach, nor a writer. I am a person who dared to write these lines for you because I am one more soul that vibrates and feels in this physical experience just like you. I am a faithful believer of magic because we are really destined to live it. If my experiences have anything to contribute to your life today, I am glad to share them, feeling that I did my part and that I could add one more droplet in this immense ocean of frequencies that we live in.

 I think that we all have something to offer. Life becomes a totally different experience when we understand that there is energy in everything, and that we are all everything. We are all connected in one way or another as a great electromagnetic network. When you learn to be an observer of your own life, everyone and all the circumstances that you live become your teachers.

Have you heard the story about "the dark nights of the Soul?" All of us at some point in our lives must live them, they are necessary! And they may appear multiple times, over and over again, same settings, different characters. They are moments of intense crisis, of total chaos; moments that do not seem to have any kind of explanation or exit.


Those dark nights of the soul lead you to lose yourself completely, and many times even to lose everything, they lead you to total darkness! And what is darkness??? Darkness is really only the lack of light.


What do I mean by this? That darkness leads you to total transformation where at some point a new version of you will be born, which leads you to see your Light or will always keep you in the dark!

It is part of living, that is, it is the understanding of the duality in which we live on this planet, that there is life and death, up and down, left and right, happiness and sadness, night and day, that Darkness goes hand in hand with Light, so that you can grow and evolve you must constantly transform yourself. For this you first need to live the darkness.


"Where there is no crisis there is no movement, where there is no movement there is no life."


Ho'oponopono came into my life in one of those moments of the darkest nights of the soul that I’ve lived, where you lack air to breathe, where your chest hurts and there is nothing or no one who can relieve that pain. I literally felt that I was dying. A pain so strong that I was simply submerged in that black hole of my own catharsis.

In this process of transformation, we resist change. Due to our upbringing and beliefs, we are unwilling. We cling to security, comfort, customs, routines, love, and we live a constant battle to go against the flow of life.


The rigidity and stagnation do not allow us to keep pace with a world that is constantly evolving with or without us, in those moments I could remember what my soul already knew….


"Life itself gives us the 3 ways to choose the path to transformation: 1. we die, and the story is over; 2. we reflect on what we are experiencing, and we bet on the adventurous transformation in the midst of uncertainty, trusting that the Divinity within us guides us; or 3. it is going to hurt us so much that we will to have to change in order to transform ourselves”.


Pain is a part of living. Suffering is optional; suffering is the attachment to pain. The problem is not in what you are going through, but how you react it all. Rather than the "What" is the “Why".


Understanding this in the midst of chaos is already entering the process of transformation. In the process there are two options:


  • You go against the process that you cannot change until you get sick, or
  • You simply accept! You accept that you are entering a grieving process, you accept that you are constantly in different cycles of living, you accept what happened. If you resist, you give power to that which you resist. By accepting you regain the power of what you are resisting. Accepting is not resigning!!! It is to assume where you are at this moment and that everything you lived has no turning back, that everything that happened, just as it happened was the best you could do at that moment with the resources you had.


By accepting, you can take advantage of and identify your possibilities and transform yourself into the future. You can channel active ambition for a better situation. You accept what is up to you to control and improve. You identify opportunities to get away from anxiety and feeling out of control; from feeling like an effect, to feeling like a Cause!


Poetically speaking I tell you a phrase that I heard from a Coach once: "It is like seeing the sunrise on the horizon and seeing how the rays of the sun enter the darkness, the same dawn opens its way through the darkness, likewise it dawns in our soul."

 In the perfection of life there must be the dark nights of the soul, which each of us as human beings need to learn for transformation. A dark night of the soul achieves a transformation that cannot be achieved by triumph, material things, or anything outside of oneself. It is an internal process.

For this I think it is necessary to have personal growth tools that take you to those levels of support. Whatever religion you practice, philosophy of life; professional support is always an excellent choice. In my experience, Ho'oponopono was a forceful tool for my evolution in the process, it has helped me to enhance my intrapersonal communication and my introspective ability. It has allowed me to clean negative feelings and thoughts in my mind by repeating mantras with intention and purpose.

 Ho’ oponopono y Yo


How did Ho'oponopono change my life?

It is important to understand first how the mind works. We do not observe the world as it really is. We observe it according to our own judgments, beliefs, and lived experiences. Through the 5 senses, the brain processes a reality. The programs or memories recorded in the subconscious always tell our life story, and through them an interpretation of reality is reflected, that interpretation generates different chemicals in the body, produced due to emotions (happiness, sadness, anger, etc.). These emotions in turn, generate attitudes and reactions, and beyond the intensity, they can generate diseases.


If you look carefully, you will generally find that the problems or situations are a repetition of a memory stored in the internal and collective memory bank, events that occurred in childhood, even from past lives, or stories in the family tree, which remain part of the subconscious mind. Really, there are memories that we do not know where they live. They simply exist and relate to evolutionary purpose.


When this memory is cleared or corrected, the problem disappears. It sounds too simple to be true, but deep enough to transform. We are the center of our own unique universe. We are the main actor in our own life. Our perception of the world is a reflection of our inner world and of all our previous experiences.


The place to look for the answer and solution to our problems, whatever they may be, is within ourselves. That's where the term "100% responsibility" comes from. This teaching was what led me to alleviate and alchemize my pain to open myself to opportunities.


Allowing yourself the internal alignment processes, is an internal exercise of emotional healing.


To be aware of each moment of our lives, to experience consciously, to accept that each moment creates the next moment. There are no empty moments.


Understand that we are not guilty of anything, but responsible for everything.


Ho'oponopono is by no means the only way. There are other similar processes, but in my humble opinion it led me to live the here and now, which in the end is the main mission to achieve balance of emotions. The main purpose of this philosophy is to learn to discover the Divinity in oneself, remember who we are, stop living in ego to live more with Love. Live from the coherence of what we feel, think, say, and act.


Repeating mantras helps stop the mind, so you may listen inward. The mind must be at our service, not we at the service of the mind.


 ¿Qué significa “Lo siento” “Perdón” “Gracias” “ Te amo”?

Ho'ponopono is simple. It consists of pronouncing the so-called four healing phrases in relation to a person or situation that is causing us suffering or uneasiness. Remember that this process of healing and rectification of the problem is between you and your inner Divinity, it is not shared with anyone.

Repeating the mantra decodes what is blocked, so that Divinity may act. Those four phrases are: "I'm sorry, forgive me, I love you and thank you". When you start practicing these phrases, you elevate your frequency, the problem stops, and the correct and perfect solution is on the way.


Mantras have their rhythm and a vibration; they have the power to make great energetic changes. Mainly, they tune you with calm and peace, and are a precise tool to put in balance every area of ​​your life!


What does “I'm sorry”, “Forgive me”, “Thank you”, “I love you” mean?


I’m sorry:

  • For the memories of pain that I share with you or the situation
  • We hold ourselves accountable and affirm that there is a negative charge that we want to leave behind


Forgive me:

  • For joining my path to yours, in order to heal
  • For what is in me that contributed to create this reality
  • With forgiveness, we forgive ourselves and others.


Thank you:

  • For being here for me and for having this opportunity to cleanse, erase and heal
  • This is acknowledging that Divinity is in control


I love you:

  • This word helps us understand that loving that situation, pain, person or whatever, is the best way to turn it into something positive in our life; love is all that exists


To finish


The Mantras for their rhythm and vibration have the power to make great changes of mood, they relax you, they tune you to calm and Peace. But repeating mantras is not enough if there is no change in attitude towards life. In these critical moments of humanity, I believe that it is no longer sufficient just to be better people or to be "Kind". It has more to do with a change of Consciousness on a global level. Everything begins when you feel like part of a WHOLE, when you feel that everything you feel, do, or say has an influence on the result; it is when you understand your role as a Human being in this Humanity.


It is time that we move on from self-centered paradigms; to being more of the Being, the essence, from ignorance to wisdom, from unconsciousness to consciousness, from victimhood to responsibility, from losing ourselves outside to finding ourselves inside, connecting with a state of well being.

 Ho’ oponopono y Yo

"On this planet we have a task of improvement understanding ourselves as souls."

This article is not to convince you of anything. This is my path, and it was the one I chose! Look for what resonates with you and with your soul, and connect with your inner self, with your spirituality. The best gift you can give yourself, is to find yourself and the meaning of your life on earth. To return to being is to know yourself internally. Identify your shadows and embrace them with your own light, to achieve that the natural state of your body is health, that the natural state of your mind is peace, and that the natural state of your soul is love. Understand and accept in your soul the wisdom and truth that we are all seeking.


From soul to soul. Namaste!



Ho’ oponopono y Yo

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