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Indigos Frequencies Solarized water bottle

Indigos Frequencies Solarized water bottle

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The blue solar water, integral to the teachings of Ho'oponopono, embodies the philosophy of "putting things in order" or "mental cleaning." This practice helps to clear deeply ingrained subconscious programs that we repeatedly enact. It's believed to heal profound emotional wounds and blockages, aiding in their release and helping us achieve a state of zero—where we find peace and balance. Being at zero is akin to having a clean slate, free from disruptive background thoughts or unhelpful mental programs.

Each Indigo Frequencies water bottle is imbued with subtle divine frequencies designed to energize your water with powerful intentions. By solarizing your water through these blue glass bottles, you will notice it becomes sweeter and smoother, yielding beneficial effects on both your body and your overall well-being.

We have crafted our unique bottle designs by integrating Art in Acrylic, creating a beautiful collection to hold one of life's most vital elements: water. These bottles, made from Blue Glass in the USA, boast exceptional quality and attention to detail, featuring exclusive art designs. When making Blue Solar Water, please ensure there is at least one inch of air space at the top of your bottle. This precaution allows the water to expand with heat and ice, preventing the bottle from breaking, especially with the Liter bottle. You can also simply place the cap on top rather than sealing it shut during the solarization process. We recommend leaving the bottle outside for no longer than one hour, as the water will absorb the blue and solar frequencies within 45 minutes to one hour.

By refilling this blue glass water bottle, you contribute to the well-being of our planet. This practice reduces the excessive waste of oil and water used to produce plastic water bottles and transport them globally. Additionally, plastic bottles contain harmful chemicals that can leach into the water. Our blue glass bottles offer a safer, eco-friendly alternative, supporting both your family's health and the environment.


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